Protest Songs EP

by Hatfield

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Desperate times call for protest songs! Let's take to the streets!


released July 13, 2017

All songs written and performed by Mark Hatfield.
Keyboard on "Netflix" played by Anna Hatfield.
All songs recorded by Christian Heinz @ Mute Audio (Labs) in Würzburg.
Except: "A Most Dangerous Man" and "Outro" recorded by Mark Hatfield @ Home and in a Kia Ceed. True story...



all rights reserved


Hatfield Würzburg, Germany

Mark Hatfield from Würzburg, Germany. Folk-punking stages around the world with his trusty live-sidekick Konstantin Vey. Well, maybe not around the world. Just Germany. Come to think of it... Bavaria. OK, northern Bavaria...

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Track Name: I Can Tell
I can tell a storm is a-comin’
a force 10 gale is waiting in the wings
when words turn to wind and actions to rain
the flood ain’t gonna wash away the sin
well the cold and the damp is gonna chill us to the bone
frozen souls waiting for the thaw
If you wanna stay dry you better stop runnin’
‘cause I can tell a storm is comin’

I can tell the night is a-comin’
a darkness starts to creep across the land
with fear in our hearts and hate in our minds
the hour glass is running out of sand
when prejudice thoughts corrupt the minds of men
no one’s left to see if right is wrong
If you wanna stay free you better stop runnin’
‘cause I can tell the night is comin’

well you can duck and you can hide
but you won’t outrun the tide
you can sit and you can wait
but you won’t escape your fate
you can bail and you can run
but you won’t undo what’s done

we have to fight the dark times ahead
we have to see a revolution spread

I can tell a war is a-comin’
and I’m wondering how thing’s are gonna end
history tends to repeat it self
it’s happened time and time again
when the needs of a few outweigh the needs of the rest
common sense is strung up by the neck
if you wanna stay clear you better stop runnin’
‘cause I can tell a war is comin’
Track Name: Netflix
another unarmed innocent teenager’s been shot
when you’re young, black and American you’re chances ain’t too hot
the perpetrating officers seem to dodge the truth
while honest cops are hunted by an agitated youth

people fighting for the right to bear arms large and small
see no need for gun control at all
the president-elect is a second amendment jerk
and Netflix killed the video rental clerk

contaminated water is pumped into the ground
and no-one seems to give a damn how fracked up that shit sounds
their energy priority is a limited resource
while the planet’s headed straight to hell on a southbound course

the sun, the wind, the tide, the waves, the geothermal heat
don’t achieve the profits that they seek
the president-elect is a fact-denying jerk
and Netflix killed the video rental clerk

we got wars around the globe and the innocent pay the dues
famine takes the weak, but too quiet for the news
fascism and racism is on the rise again
and nut-jobs use religion as a means to an end

they send drones to fight the war and forget the worth of life
the intolerant claim marriage can only bind man and wife
thou shalt not disrespect the next man and his beliefs
thou shalt not disregard his wishes and his needs

unity can be the only way for us to cope
“join or die”, that’s what a wise man wrote
the president-elect is a vile and sexist jerk
and Netflix killed the video rental clerk

the president-elect will do his worst the next four years
and Netflix is the least of our fears
Track Name: A Most Dangerous Man
there’s a darker shade of red in his red-white-and-blue
election day came and it went and our fears became true
while the elephant’s banner waved proudly in the sun
the GOP’s rich kid prick actually won

the news left the world in a chilling state of shock
while outsiders could not resist to laugh and mock
his fans would wave their flags, their savior to greet
while the rest grabbed their flags and their banners and took to the streets

he’s a most dangerous man
with a trigger-happy hand
he’s a most dangerous man
all supply and demand
he’s a most dangerous man
we gotta make our last stand
we gotta do what we can
before shit hits the fan

the hideous plans he formed before he won
seem to come in effect, one by one
a borderline wall to insult, intimidate and ban
lest we forget that immigrants helped build this land

pray he won’t send any troops to a stalemate of blood
just like King George II. in 2001
the world doesn’t hate us enough, let’s hit foreign soil
for democracy, freedom and a million barrels of oil

he’s a most dangerous man
with a trigger-happy hand
he’s a most dangerous man
all supply and demand
he’s a most dangerous man
we gotta make our last stand
we gotta do what we can
before shit hits the fan

so hoist your flags my friends, but don’t forget
to flip them all upside down to signal distress
Track Name: Don't Be A Dick
this is for the racist who tends to think in black and white
your ignorance and arrogance have clearly dimmed your sight
equality for all is not a topic for debate
it’s a law of common sense that no man should ever break
23 pairs of chromosomes are the core of human life
and 99,5%
match for all mankind

this is for the chauvinist, the M. C. fuckin’ P.
your backwards ideology is pile a crap to me
testicles don’t guarantee a better a human being
the living proof lies next to me entangled in a dream
a woman capable of taking on the whole damn world
and showing little chauvi shits
they got nothing on this girl

this is for religious fundamentalists
I hate to break the news boys but I’ve got you on my list
religion ought to be a place of refuge and of love
and not a cheap excuse to go shed your brother’s blood
killing in the name of the divine force in your book
seems to contradict what’s written
and demands a second look

no matter if you’re rich
no matter if you’re poor
no matter what you do or did
or what you must endure
let’s lay down the guidelines
let’s try to make ‘em stick
rule number one:

don’t be a dick
Track Name: Outro (Protest Songs)
there's only one good thing
about a world full of wrongs
you never run out of stuff
to condemn in a song

I'd rather see the world
share a common beat
and the protest song
become obsolete

the day the protest song
becomes obsolete